Arizona Fish & Game Tucson Office (wildlife problems) (520) 628-5376

Arizona Revised Statutes

Basha’s Swan & Camp Lowell (shopping cart pickup) (520) 323-5820

Building Permits City of Tucson, Development Services   (520) 791-5550

Code Enforcement, City of Tucson, Arizona

Code Enforcement Violation Report City of Tucson, Housing & Community Development Department (520) 791-5843

  • Overgrown Weeds (over 6”)
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Excessive storage Vacant/boarded structure
  • Abandoned Waste

Dogs (barking, loose or neglected dogs)

Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson office (520) 387-7502

Drug activity 911


  • Report graffiti in Riverhaven common areas or on Riverhaven property, such as signage, walls, utility boxes and sidewalks to Cadden Community Manager here
    • Give exact location of graffiti by using an address or Lot number. Lot numbers can be found on the Riverhaven map found under the Documents tab, under “Other Documents” section.
    • Riverhaven residents are responsible for painting over graffiti on the sidewalks and curbs in front of their houses, utility, or electrical boxes on their property, the house itself and any personal property such as a car. Graffiti on electrical or utility boxes should be painted with matching paint and avoid painting over any stickers or numbers on the box and light gray cement paint for the curbs and sidewalks.
  • If you see graffiti close to but not in Riverhaven, report it for cleaning to:
  • Report graffiti on bus stops to Sun Tran customer service, (250) 792-9222.
  • Graffiti in Pima County can be reported to (520) 792-8224.

Homeless Camp Contacts

Illegal or Wildcat Dumps

  • In progress call 911
  • Pima County Department of Environmental Quality: 520-724-7400
    • If you hire someone to clean up your yard or haul your trash §  Hire a reputable contractor or a hauler with a permit §  Know your hauler’s name, address, and phone number §  Pay by check and get a receipt §  Ask for a landfill receipt before full payment.

Litter Hotline to report litter thrown from a vehicle

Mosquito Hotline see West Nile Virus

Noise/Big Party Complaints (Always follow through on a complaint concerning a loud party; if you cancel the call, no report will be filed.) 911 AND our association manager

Police (Tucson Police Department)

Political Representatives

Shopping Carts (Abandoned): City of Tucson Environmental Services

Street and Traffic Control Signs, City of Tucson, Streets & Traffic Maintenance Division

  • Emergencies: 911
    • Dangerous obstructions in roadways
    • Traffic or pedestrian signal malfunction
    • Traffic control signs missing or damaged
  • High Priority: (520) 791-3154 or (520) 791-3191
    • Traffic visibility problems resulting from trees or shrubs blocking the view of oncoming traffic
    • Damaged pavement markings: Striping, Crosswalks, or Legends
    • Median island problems such as overflowing water or damaged landscaping
    • Flooding in washes or in roadways
  •  Street maintenance reporting tool for the city

Transportation Departments

Water main leaks, pipeline breaks (24 hour emergency), City of Tucson Water (520) 791-4133 /

West Nile Virus (Mosquito Hotline) Pima County Health Department (report mosquitoes, water standing for more than 3 days, neglected/green pools, etc.) (520) 243-7999