Regular HOA Board Meetings are held the 2nd MONDAY of every other month unless noted otherwise. All 2023 board meetings are teleconference only.

Board Meeting Schedule for 2023:

Dates:January 09
March 20 Annual & Monthly Meeting (3rd Monday)
May 8
July 10
September 11
October 16, 2022 Budget work session (No normal board business conducted.)
November 13
January 8, 2024
Time:5:45 PM: Sign-In
6:00 PM: Call to order

Zoom teleconference info will be sent out prior to each meeting date with the appropriate meeting code and pass code.

Notice of the Annual Meeting

In accordance with the By-laws of the Riverhaven Homeowners’ Association, the Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held in accordance with the following data:

Date: Monday, March 20, 2023
Time:6:00 PM

There was an error for the Virtual Information listed on the Meeting Agenda (pg. 4). The correct information is listed on the Annual Meeting Notice (pg. 2) of the Annual Meeting Packet.

Please use the BlueJeans Meeting information to log into the meeting:

Meeting ID                             Participant Passcode

187 025 225 21                       5032

The purpose of the Annual meeting is to hold an election to fill expiring and vacant positions on the Board of Directors, and to approve the previous year’s annual meeting minutes.

Current Arizona law, A.R.S. §33-1812, prohibits the use of proxies at association annual meetings. Accordingly, association members who are not able to attend an annual meeting must use an absentee ballot. It is extremely important to return the completed ballot to Cadden Community Management in the envelope provided. Envelopes that are not signed and/or do not include a return address reflecting the unit within the association will not be counted by the Inspector(s) of Election. This mail in ballot will be used to establish quorum, which is 10% or 43 Lots. Please note your ballot will be rendered null and void if you do not follow the instructions. Cumulative voting is not permitted.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Community Manager here